7:31 (refurbished blog from MySpace 8-1-07)

Temptation brushed my ear with her glossy lips and it tickled when she whispered, “It’s OK. It’s OK today. You have fought hard, and stood strong-now reward yourself.” She was right, you know. I made a deal with God, that if I stayed strong, then I could give in every so often-just to stay sane. I had made it far and I deserved a little indulgence. I let my guard down and turned toward her, ready to let go. And that’s when I heard a small voice, “No. Remain obedient. If you want what I have for you, then you will not give into her now-” and the hardest part to swallow, “or ever”. God, why me? Why do I have to stand up under this? No one else has had to to get what they want! I felt so alone and the worst part was I felt powerless. Temptation wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her plump lips to mine and kissed me. Can this BE any harder? Then she began to undress. I felt if I was a fortress, the walls were crumbling. I screamed for help but there was no answer. She pulled my shirt off and then shoved me onto the bed. At this point it is like being caught in a powerful stream. Things just flow from there. My head was slightly crooked so that I had an upside-down view of my alarm clock. It read 7:31. There was something peculiar about it…I stared for a moment and then realized upside down it was IEL. Immediately my mind shot back to something Eliron Tavori was telling me about a month and a half ago. A number of us sat in the cloud of hooka smoke listening to a Hebrew reading of the Psalms. Having grown up in Israel, Eliron and his brothers knew Hebrew and the meanings behind the original words used in the Psalms. Never before had the Psalms seemed so alive as Eliron spoke with an abundance of hand gestures between drags on his cigarette. He explained that his brother Daniel (most of you know him as Danny), he and their other brother all had “IEL” in their name, or “EL” which means God. In Danny or “Daniel’s” case when put with Dan it means “Judged by God”. (My middle name is Daniel by the way). As I looked at the alarm clock I couldn’t believe it. God was telling me he was with me. Temptation had plans to take me somewhere and I was following her, but now I knew I wasn’t alone. I pushed her away and it seemed like I crawled out of a dark room and onto a well lit path. I know that was only one battle and many more will come, but God revealing Himself in such ways gives me new strength for what is to come.


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