The Greening Cycle This Time Around (refurbished blog from MySpace 5-18-07)

As living beings sprung into existence from the same hand of God that set into motion the unstoppable cycle of life so evident in the blooming of spring, we too feel the moving, the life, the growth of this time of year. Muffled by decay and the constant winding down of time, we are alienated from the deep symbiosis we were created to be a part of. I don’t know how acurate I am in my assumption, but I feel like this yearly cycling is part of, and stirs procreation. I think she, being the culmination of all creation in eve, is like the blooming flower in all her beauty and she has no idea how her smile is like that short moment when the sun is at its brightest and bringing out the most brilliant of its residing colors. The planets seem to be aligning again, and I feel ill prepared to catch what is coming my way-God help me.


What do you think??

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