God Waits to Drop Revelation (refurbished blog from MySpace 5-21-08)

I hear a lot of atheists say “If there really is this loving God that you Christians say wants to have a personal relationship with us, then why won’t He just make Himself visible? Just come down and speak with us and say ‘Here I am’?” And many times the Christian says, He has, here is His word, the Bible. But if we as Christians are completely honest, we have to admit that we too wonder ‘Why doesn’t Jesus walk among us today? Why are we left with this often confusing book as our only direction? Or this ‘Holy Spirit’ that speaks so quiet I cannot hear Him above my own thoughts?’

I think it’s because of God’s Holy nature. He will not be made common.

Ho”ly.., a. – Set apart to the service or worship of God; hallowed; sacred; reserved from profane or common use; holy vessels; a holy priesthood.

It seems like most of us mainstream Christians have lost that high regard or fear of the Lord. I think it is largely due to our decaying society. We do not respect our elders, or authorities, teachers, parents, pastors, presidents or kings the way we once did. It would be easier to understand bowing before the Lord if it were normal to bow before our kings here on earth. As it is now we must try and understand that respect without current examples.

If God had zero tolerance for sin in His presence, and therefore had to have redemption through something so extraordinary as the horrible death of His own son, then we can begin to see the weight of purity in His eyes.

In a world where the name “Jesus” has become a common name and worse, a cuss word, God will wait. He will wait until our hearts are humble, respectful and in awe before He lets in some revelation of Himself. And when He does, be ready to have your universe rocked. For even the sight of his face made Moses’ head glow like a light bulb long after he descended Mt. Sinai.

At times when I have stood in awe of Him, it was like oil was poured into the machine of my soul, my device was plugged in, my engine was supplied with fuel. I see how we, His creation, were meant to beam back worship after He drops revelation on us.


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