Reveal Yourself (refurbished blog from MySpace 7-17-08)

In the debate over whether the universe was created or made itself through naturalistic processes, the opponents are constantly looking for evidence to support their argument.

On the side of the naturalist or atheist, the thought goes, that if the universe sprang up from combinations of the right gases being struck by lightning (never mind where the gas and energy came from), it would follow that those amino acids would over time begin to evolve into more complex states (never mind entropy). It seems crazy, but the fact that it is here proves it.

The fact that the atheist or naturalist cannot attribute it all to divine creation, isn’t completely crazy or stupid. They demand proof of God which I have found myself wanting as well. Then I look all around me – everything is evidence.

The hard thing about just believing its God is because we are so immersed in it. It’s like standing with your nose up against a Rembrandt and trying to understand you’re seeing a painting. The painting is right there in front of you displaying all of it’s truth to your naked eye. The truth is so big and so….there….so all encompassing that we can’t even see it.

Many people arguing the side of Intelligent Design have used the phrase “The Designer’s finger prints are on everything,”. Think about that for a moment, what does that really mean? There’s the obvious, like if you see a watch with all its gears and sprockets, you have no problem attributing that to Timex, or whomever constructed it – and thus, you see a Robin pecking in the grass, attribute its construction to God. But another way to view the fingerprint is try and see the gestalt of all of Creation. It is then very nearly like a sudden realization of a specter standing in the room with you (only not as creepy) You can almost see the flow of power coming from God and sustaining all life on earth. Suddenly we have just about  caught up to the tip of the pen that our Lord is writing this story with.

I keep saying “very nearly”, “almost” and “just about” though. This brings back a vision I think the Lord painted for me when I was a freshman in college. I was taking Biology 101, being inundated  with Darwinian Evolution each class period to the point where I really questioned my stance as a Creationist. (I think I have written about this period of my life before) The evidences where not what convinced me as there seemed to be really none…in fact instances such as the horseshoe crab that “has remained surprisingly unchanged over millions of years” was actually evidence of the contrary. What really hammered me was thinking “What if my Christianity really was just a ‘feel good myth’?” – ”Why has God never sat down face to face with me and told me He is real and He loves me?” And the vision God gave me was me searching through a dark cave. Every once in a while I would see  a footprint of His and even times I would get close enough to see His glow around the next bend. What God explained to me was that I will never catch up to Him in that cave. I will not in this life see Him face to face. For to see Him, touch His nail pierced hand, would for me, take away my choice to believe in Him.

In nature, we see His “glow around the corner” or finger print. But we won’t (except in very special circumstances like the Transfiguration, or Mt. Sinai) ever see Him face to face. It’s crazy though, when you really look at Creation how so very close He came to letting us see Him.

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