The Observer 12-4-13

We must make a distinction between artist and subject, author and character, director and actor. The best films I’ve ever seen are the ones with the best developed and most believable characters. I’ve always been very specific when I say “I love Bugs Bunny”, that is, I clarify “I love the 1940’s era Bugs Bunny”. There was a time when the animators seemed to pay attention to the smallest nuances in body movement when bringing Bugs to life that seemed to be glossed over in later Looney Tunes. Books in which the author took time to describe a character’s most mundane or irrelevant mannerisms are the ones I most thoroughly enjoy. Photography that goes beyond just a pretty picture is done by those who notice beauty in something as common and dirty as a city sidewalk.

I believe these situations mostly arise from that creative individual that is more comfortable behind rather than acting in front of the camera. They’re the person that notices how you lift your elbow when pointing, or the way that guy furrows his brow after recalling a rueful experience. They’re the individual that thinks before jumping -not because they’re afraid- but because “did we think of getting this on video?” These people are the observers. Just had to jot down what was going through my mind while I was eating my Subway sandwich in Food Court tonight.


What do you think??

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