Nickel’s Fortune by Stephen Wallace_reviewed 8-19-14

Nickkel's Fortune

A complex, layered story –  Stephen Wallace relates the tale of a simple, common man, Theo Devereaux, who works with his family business and their dealings with an elite, genetically modified race of people called the Syntaxians. Set in the year 3045, Wallace paints a clear picture of the world post “science-wars” in which the Syntaxians live in a scientifically achieved and segregated utopia. Regular humans are scattered through the remnants of Earth that is left in sort of a post-apocalyptic and abandoned ruin. Finally, the antithesis of the genetically perfected people is race of mutants called The Ferals, where genetic engineering has gone horribly wrong.
Amid the ongoing conflict between theses races, Theo stumbles upon a beautiful woman he calls Nikki, with no memory and a deep romance ensues. During their time together they are confronted with the undeniable horrors of the dark side of the Syntaxian’s scientific meddling and the Devereaux family decides to put a stop to the madness. The story that unfolds is unpredictable and takes you on a colorful adventure in Theo and Nikki’s relationship, meeting his family and traversing the rugged landscape.
Wallace’s future world is full of action and adventure, spiced up with clever gadgets and vehicles, vivid with exotic locales and colorful characters.
I loved this escape into a fantasy sci-fi world.


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