8 Things Only JWU Fans Understand

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


5 sides JWU

The Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle fan (a.k.a. WUbot) is a special breed of person. They’re that post-hipster, thinking individual, eclectic in all areas of life, but most especially in their musical tastes. They blog about world events and politics, they enjoy blue-grass music one minute and industrial metal the next, their sense of humor reaches from Weird Al style parody to British comedy ala “Look Around You”. You will find them among the artsy kids doing photography one day, but out panning for gold the next. They may be a spokesman for the School District that shreds BB King blues riffs or Treky Sci-Fi nerds. They enjoy dark beer and soccer or they work for the fire department. Basically, they’re the most awesomest people.

Here are 8 things that only a JWU fan gets:

1. Sunsets.

Wow. Look at that sunset.
Wow. Look at that sunset.

2. This. Amma right?!

Happens every time!
Happens every time!

3. Because there’s nothing like eating a hotdog.


4. Intense sleeping.




5. Sore muscles from working out.




6. Because you can actually see the stars.

I can see Orion's Belt! or is that the Big Dipper?
I can see Orion’s Belt! or is that the Big Dipper?



7. The red, white and blue.

Old Glory
Old Glory



8. How to really love.

Hi Grandma!
Hi Grandma!




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