Review of “It’s All Downhill from Here: On the Road with Project 86″_2-11-15

I’ve been listening to Project 86 since their first or second record and finally made it to see them live in 2004 (I think it was) At that show as I was purchasing a T-Shirt I think I met Andrew Schwab as he was promoting his new book. Finally over 10 years later I got around to reading the book. Initially I expected it to be something more philosophical, but as I read it, I discovered it to be more  of memoir of touring with P86. Andrew’s stories had me literally laughing out loud! I thoroughly enjoyed this inside look at band life. I felt a kinship with Andrew as he described his frustrations with band mates and dating situations.

The real kicker that pushed this book from a fun 3 star read to a 4 out of 5 star rating was the last chapter titled “Why I Do What I Do”. He tells the ironic story of being judged by Christians before a show and then after the show helping a kid addicted to heroin find the hope to keep him hanging on to life. Its a moment that suddenly validates Project 86’s reason for being and inspires me to chase my dreams and use my talents to point people to Jesus!


What do you think??

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