Links to Friends’ Creations

I’m constantly blown away by the talents of everyone I know and none of them are getting the attention they deserve! I hope I can help just a tiny bit! (Working on links over time)

Shelly [Steenwyk] Anderson: blogger- Laughing Under Waterfalls

Josh Anderson (me!): blogger: JoshStories, graphic designer, artist: Josh Anderson Art Blog, somewhat musician

Wes Anderson: graphic designer

Stephen Wallace: woodworkerartist: Anchor Worksauthor: Nickel’s Fortune

Andrea Cronin: “Repurposed Vintage and Adventures” blog and store: The Lovely Adventure

Nathan Carson: artist: NART, graphic designer NARTwriter & poet: Dear Poetry, musician: Koima

Troy DeRose: artist, graphic designer: Fixer Creative, musician: The Invisibles, The Yes We Cans

Aaron Sheley: writer, poet: , film critic, film director, actor, producer, musician: The Dead Telluriders

Daniel Dawson: photographer, videographer

Jon James: musician, producer, videographer: Shedd Studios

Butch McCain: actor, musician: The McCain Brothers & Cuzin Jed, voice artist

Charity Meinhart: graphic designer, photographer, musician: Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle

Dave Hansow: entrepreneur, founder of non-profits Light Gives Heat (Suubi, Epoh), Chrome Buffalo, The Find, graphic designer

Dale (Pagenkopf) Brown: graphic designer

Chase Martinez: musician: Chamberlynn, Starship Romance, ChaseMance, The Redlands, Valeta

Eve Roberts: blogger: Dabblism & FruitNVeggie

Jeff Kirtland: musician: Free While Supplies Last, Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle

Justin Nordine: artist, tattoo artist: The Raw Canvas

Benson Broyles: musician: The Pineapple Crackers (R.I.P.)

Sean & Megan Henry: artists & photographers: Revelare Photography

Peter Rosenthal: musician: Dirtylectric

Dustin Wise: musician: Mike’s Chair & Plaid Owl, audio production: Plaid Owl Productions

Jim Blevins: musician, web designer: 100 Watt Design

Jen DuBois: artist: Jennifer Kay Art, blogger: Beauty from the Ordinary

Elise Soniat: photographer: Source of Light Imagery

Corey Wright: muscian: The Steadfast Project-Corey Wright Music

Danny Odem: musician: Mode

Arlo DiCristina: artist, tattoo artist at The Raw Canvas

Amos Biocic: artist, fabricator: Myrick Designs

Wade Yamaguchi: photographer, videographer: Yamo Films

Shea Bramer: artist, songwriter, musician, producer, entertainer: Shea Bramer Music, Autumn’s Chase

Melora Coyle: tattoo artist at The Raw Canvas

Rob Labig: musician: The New Fall of Man

Josh Roberts: musician: Loaded .45, Loaded .45 at and Bad Karma Kings

Scott Aneloski: artist, graphic designer: Scott Ford Aneloski

Colter Harkins: actor

Bre Skaggs: graphic designer, artist

Josh Christensen: photographer, blogger: Josh the Wanderer

Haven Herrera: artist, rapper: SolidSavage, Illfluent, Rated Ill

Ian Barefoot: artist: Xanthier, Ion-Design

Casey Dry: musician: Junk Drawer, Tight Thump

Ray & Candace Ward: Thailand missionaries & entrepreneurs: The Outpour Movement, Famous Rays Burgers, Famous Rays Bicycle Shop, the Refuge Children’s Home

Seth Schaeffer: musician, videographer, web designer, producer: Hoptocopter Films

Brose Deply (Rob): film maker, director: In Bloom Pictures

Jeremy Plantinga engineer, entrepreneur, inventor: Crux Offroad

Troy Behrens: musician: Five Face Down, photographer: Time Flies Photography



Fernie Garcia: musician

Emily Knapp: graphic designer, musician

Travis Roberts: musician, producer

Dustin Haily: graphic designer

Tim Nutting: musician, founding pastor: Life Community Church

Paul Watson: founding pastor: The Downtown Vineyard Church

Curt Lincoln: founding pastor

Andrew Mabrey: musician: Autumn’s Chase

Melissa Pruitt: photographer: LaTeeDa Photography

Vanessa Jergensen: photographer: Ginger Moose

Rob Wallace: musician

Steve McGarry: musician

Dan Cox: author

Will Arbaugh: author

Danielle Cox: artist

Lawrence Aguirre: artist, dancer

Melissa Ludeman: blogger

Daniel Bachert: photographer: Copper Photography

Cheryl Talbott: artist

Tim Herrera: artist, break dancer

Tyler Gonerka: graphic designer, musician: Autumn’s Chase

Brooke Jeschke: graphic designer

Danny Tavori: musician

Jen Rossman: artist, graphic designer

Kevin Decker: musician, photographer

Joel Watson: graphic designer, web developer

Leah Allard: artist



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