Dreams between 4-20 & 4-24-15‏

I dreamed something about a group of us dancing in a sort of a club type place sort of like Mesa Theater. Shelly was there. Then somehow I was in Five Iron Frenzy only it was just me and Reese Roper. We went out on stage right after MxPx finished their show. There was a huge crowd and I started playing my bass but it was all out of tune and one string wasn’t even set in the neck grooves. I started tuning but my guitar head was a refill bottle of milk & honey handsoap I started turning the tuning pegs and that’s all I remember.
Then I was like on the Kaleo worship team or something and my instrument was (now I can’t really remember) really small…like two halves of a walnut that I would clap together in rhythm.

A few nights later I was sort of dreaming about the wedding & stuff. I had drawn a book much like the engagement book I used to propose to Shelly and was flipping through it looking at the pictures. I knew there needed to be some more scenes added but was surprised to see they were there. Ten I realized Tim Essig (one of wedding photographers) had drawn them in and mimicked my style really well. Then I noticed he’d doodled some comics on the back of some of the pages and they were REALLY good! I remember being jealous that he was making time to draw while still being a photographer.
I was showing the book to Shelly when the scene sort of morphed in us hanging out in the middle of a small street (it seemed like mainly in a 3rd world country). The book I had been showing her turned into a little color guide type thing that fit inside this plastic shell (something like the side piece/storage compartment on my motorcycle but blue) I was sitting Indian style and I think Shelly was laying across my lap. There was lots of foot traffic all around and some men kind of yelled at me to move. Then I realized, it was Muslim men heading to their Mosque on one side of the street and they thought, because of my bald had, that I was a Buddhist and should be joining them in their temple right across the street.


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