Review of “Simplicity” by Mark Salomon 4-28-15

Mark demonstrates how his years in a Christian band, even in the punk scene, grew him to realize the entire industry called “Christian Music” or “Christian Record Label” or “Christian whatever” is basically a sham. Over his years in the band The Crucified he realized that he & the band were being put on a pedestal and expected to be pastors or perfect role models.

This book was highly interesting to me as I was intensely interested in “Christian Music” in high school and college and particularly in the scene that Mark’s bands & involvements were in (The Crucified, Stavesacre, Tooth & Nail Records, etc.) I was like the number one supporter of all Christian bands, radio, record labels, magazines, etc. Over time I realized that it would be far more beneficial if most (most, not all!) of these bands were just going out into the music industry the way any secular band would. Sink or swim, it would on the one hand be more challenging to musician’s talent and professionalism, and on the other, an infiltration of believers into the general music industry*. Sure, it would make it much more difficult for parents to make sure their kids only hear wholesome stuff, but think about the non-believers who would be exposed good music that was made by people who were, at the heart driven by The Spirit (even if they never actually mention Jesus in their songs or had alter calls at their concerts!) This is exactly the train of thought, I believe, that Mark is getting across in this book.

Also, this book is fun for someone who has listened to Stavesacre since the 90’s and has a Crucified album laying around at home. I loved hearing the back story of Mark’s journey in music. I hope he writes again because it would be great to hear more about Staveacre (this book was mostly about The Crucified years) I am also very curious about his involvement in CHATTERbOX and Argyle Park and he never even mentioned Outer Circle!

Altogether a great read, especially if you were ever into Christian music, more so the edgier stuff.


*I think in the decades since the 90’s there is more of trend in this direction.


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