Review of The Character of Jesus by Charles Edward Jefferson 12-3-15

As Christians we argue over the best methods to evangelize. We debate over the Cessationists vs. the Charismatics, Calvinism vs. Armenianism, Creation vs. Evolution. I’ve been a part of many of these tense “discussions” and really can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone change their stance on any issue. For time I was reading a lot of Creationist literature and found myself astounded by the scientific evidence for Creation. I thought, ‘if only Evolutionists, atheists and the like knew this stuff, surely they would change their mind.’ However, in instances where I saw these ‘silver-bullet’ Creationist ideas being used, I was surprised to see the opponent not only unchanged, but seemingly even more stalwart in their stance. Finally I realized (with the help of other writers, etc.) that a mountain of evidence in any debate means nothing when someone has a presupposition toward something (they will simply interpret all evidences through the lens of their presupposition). So I wondered, ‘if the most amazing scientific facts can’t convince someone, what can?’. The answer, I believe, is something like this from this unheard-of preacher, published in 1908. It’s simply looking deep into this Jesus we claim to believe is the Son of God. It is a methodical, piece by piece study of every attribute of the Lord that we can possibly garner from scripture. When we quit practicing our Christianity looking horizontally human to human and look heavenward toward the Christ, our batteries are finally recharged, we are set ablaze and we actually WANT to share our faith. Books like this (and AW Tozer’s The Attributes of God) revive my love for Jesus.


What do you think??

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