Hello, my name is Josh Anderson and these are my stories and writings. There are many fiction and unfinished stories and many more blogs. Why would you post all these unfinished stories? You ask. Well, I think there are some really good ideas buried in these stories and I guess I would rather them read by passer bys in cyberspace than be kept hidden in a file cabinet in my room forever… So if you’ll look at the menu, you’ll see you can choose from some actual Finished short Stories, or peruse my vast number of false starts (many of these stories were school assignments)in Unfinished Stories. Going along with unfinished stories is the even shorter Story Ideas, where I never pursued, or haven’t yet taken the time, to pursue these ideas.  There is a little bit of Non Fiction that is all unfinished work as well but if you really want the best and most current of my non-fiction, read The Darkforest, my blog that began on MySpace in 2005 (sorry the MySpace blogs will read oldest to newest in one long post until I manually separate them and repost each of them as Refurbished blogs). If you have an off the wall sense of humor then read No One Reads Your Blog, an imported blog from blogger. This started as a collaborated blog of members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle but has ended just me being as far fetched and bizarre as I can. Since this site is my “collected” works, I’ve included other things I’ve written such as Songs & Poems where you can read my lousy half attempt to write songs and poetry and the Dreams category where I have attempted to capture dreams as soon as I wake. So happy reading and remember, these stories go as far back as 1988 when I was 9 years old to the present…so obviously, some things have changed a bit.

My real passion is art – specifically drawing. So check out my Josh Anderson Artblog here!.


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