Strange Behaving Animals

My dad, brother and I were looking at a little plot of land somewhere in Africa to construct a little building to use as a small store. We found, a little ways down a road, there was already a building the size we needed it (about 12’x20′) We approached it and opened the door. The place was being used more or less like a shed and was full of clutter. My dad got busy taking some measurements while I looked around. There were closets in all four corners. I looked straight up and the ceiling had no attic and I could see a vent/chimney straight above me. I noticed how one end of the place was sort of partitioned off, kind of as a separate room with a big window on that side. My mom joined us & was sitting in that side room chatting on the phone. Straight ahead of me to the right of the front door was a large picture window with closed blinds which made me realize this was probably originally built as a house. I went forward & drew the blinds and saw the sky was getting dark with clouds and it looked like it might rain soon. Then I saw a herd of yaks (or some animal like that) and I felt like the storm was probably agitating them. Suddenly one of charged the picture window and broke a large hole through it and sort of bounced back and ran off. Before we could really grasp what was happening a pig seemed to come from out of no where and charged the window at such a high speed it broke through the remaining glass on a B-line toward the end window. It knocked my mom through the window and she and pig landed on the ground outside. We rushed out to tend to my mom and she seemed OK. I was so angry at the pig I grabbed it by the sides and flung as far away as I could. I remember the gushy feeling of its fatty sides in my hands.


Dream 7-28-17


Dreams between 4-20 & 4-24-15‏

I dreamed something about a group of us dancing in a sort of a club type place sort of like Mesa Theater. Shelly was there. Then somehow I was in Five Iron Frenzy only it was just me and Reese Roper. We went out on stage right after MxPx finished their show. There was a huge crowd and I started playing my bass but it was all out of tune and one string wasn’t even set in the neck grooves. I started tuning but my guitar head was a refill bottle of milk & honey handsoap I started turning the tuning pegs and that’s all I remember.
Then I was like on the Kaleo worship team or something and my instrument was (now I can’t really remember) really small…like two halves of a walnut that I would clap together in rhythm.

A few nights later I was sort of dreaming about the wedding & stuff. I had drawn a book much like the engagement book I used to propose to Shelly and was flipping through it looking at the pictures. I knew there needed to be some more scenes added but was surprised to see they were there. Ten I realized Tim Essig (one of wedding photographers) had drawn them in and mimicked my style really well. Then I noticed he’d doodled some comics on the back of some of the pages and they were REALLY good! I remember being jealous that he was making time to draw while still being a photographer.
I was showing the book to Shelly when the scene sort of morphed in us hanging out in the middle of a small street (it seemed like mainly in a 3rd world country). The book I had been showing her turned into a little color guide type thing that fit inside this plastic shell (something like the side piece/storage compartment on my motorcycle but blue) I was sitting Indian style and I think Shelly was laying across my lap. There was lots of foot traffic all around and some men kind of yelled at me to move. Then I realized, it was Muslim men heading to their Mosque on one side of the street and they thought, because of my bald had, that I was a Buddhist and should be joining them in their temple right across the street.

Fever Break

The rain poured down hard outside as I sat down for lunch in the staff kitchen & Jon came in and told me the developing story of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Things like that have a way of casting a shadow on a day. As if life wasn’t ominous and foreboding enough, some moron’s gotta go and blow people up. Idiot.

Spring is my favorite season, but with it comes responsibility – especially now that I’m a homeowner. Like mowing the grass for instance which is impossible for me right now because my mower is in pieces in the garage. The problem seemed simple, but led to other problems. Still something I should be able to repair pretty quickly and easily. Without getting into too many boring details, I have to take apart the housing every time I want to try something and so it is extra disappointing when I get it all put back together and it still doesn’t work. I got the tension spring rewound with the rope around the pulley, everything put back together, primed it and pulled. Nothing. Pulled 5 more times & heard the piston try to fire. I pulled 10 more times, nothing. As time ran out I had to admit defeat yet again. I had to hurry up & make dinner to get over to my brother’s by 8 (If I make it earlier than that I can see my nephew before he goes to bed). As I try to hold my household together alone I can’t help but think having a partner…a helper….would oil the machine just a tiny bit. I promise I don’t think marriage would solve all my problems…there would just be someone in the house when I came in to express my frustration to…instead of the echoing, uncaring walls. Maybe she’d be making dinner so I wouldn’t have to handle my food with greasy hands?

I hurried over to my brother’s where I heard my nephew yacking while he’s supposed to be sleeping. Halfway through our movie, my sister-in-law came home and gave him a kiss. I know their lives aren’t perfect…just…right…ya know? As I leave I kind of feel like the grasshopper in the 1934 Disney cartoon “The Grasshopper & the Ants” when winter comes and he’s left out side looking in on the ants that are all warm & cozy inside. I drive my truck with engine light on, a problem I haven’t been able to trace yet after replacing the fuel filter & cleaning the mass airflow sensor, back to my dark and empty home. I open the garage door and the light doesn’t come on again…I thought I had fixed that by taking apart the garage door motor housing & fiddling with light bulb wires and then tightening the bracket that it hangs from. As I get out of my truck I hear a drip in a pan under my water heater that has been leaking. I go inside passed the less-than-one-year-old vacuum that just stopped working the other night. The back yard is torn up where I have been digging up roots from the trees so I can rototill and plant grass. I’m exhausted from…just life. When there is no one to keep up on all these repairs for (except myself), motivation is at an extreme low.

With water falling from the skies and forlorn eyes, I go to bed where I have been having a hard time sleeping lately. 34 keeps resounding in my head. 34….34…..35’s coming fast. I’m not just 30…I’m in my MID 30’s. I roll around trying ignore my anxiety & my rapidly beating heart. I feel like I’m about to have a panic attack. Finally I’m asleep, but who knows for how long when I’m woke by this nightmare.

Nightmare 4-15-13

There was so much to this dream that has faded already. All I remember though is this…alarm clock…it was like an old analog clock and it woke me up in my bed (my room seemed normal, although instead of being in my house it was in either a larger house or an apartment building?) The clock was like back lit by a cobalt blue light with…I don’t know…glowing red hands? It was ringing loudly and for some reason it sort of through me into a panic. There was more to it…like there was a spirit in it and it was hissing/breathing heavily or something. It’s so hard to recount now. I woke up with my heart racing.

Later in the night I was awakened by another dream. Finally I slept a while but was awakened at 4:30am by someone warming up their giant diesel somewhere in the neighborhood.

Last week I sent out an entirely over-thought message in a bottle not knowing at all what the response might be.

Today the clouds aren’t as ominous. I’m reminded that there *is* sun up there above them.


Nightmare 4-10-13

Last night I was startled awake at about 4:30 or 5am by this dream:
[warning: this is graphic]

I was in an African country, probably on a mission trip. I think I was with a group and we were walking through a slum when we came on a traumatizing atrocity. There was a partially fenced area where older men were killing children. It was almost like the place a ruse as some sort of child development center but for whatever reason they where killing the kids and then dismembering them. A quick glance around the place revealed torn, and mutilated, bloody body parts. To the right there were kids sitting in chairs as if they had been brought there thinking it was school or something. The most disturbing thing about the whole scene was how they killing the children. They would just throw a thick plastic bag of their heads and pull it tight to suffocate them. From about 30 yards away I peered around whatever I was hiding behind and saw them pull a clear bag tight over a screaming & crying 10 year old boy’s face. I was absolutely horrified as I saw the bag suck in at his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could hoping for a hole to rip and let air in.
A million things ran through my head. There must have been a great fear of getting shot/discovered because neither I nor the people I presume were with me did anything. I thought about running up & popping a hole in the plastic at his mouth. I was in a cold sweat as I imagined how terrifying that would be. I put my hands over my face and cringed at which point I woke up.

Treat the Extra-terrestrials with Equality January 11, 2011

I was in a kitchen or whatever with Wade Yamaguchi. I think we were washing some dishes after some event or party. I was trying to tell him about my new discovery of the Yoshida Brothers but he kind of veered the conversation into (I think) like worship music or something. Our conversation continued but our surrounding sort of became a a small campsite & we were chatting around a fire. I assume Chelsey was there. Caleb Fenske joined our conversation (& I assume Natalie was there). Wade & Caleb were sitting on chairs & I was down on a mat under a blanket. I guess the blanket was Caleb’s because he pulled it off me. I sat up on the mat & I had my Nalgene bottle with water next to me. All the sudden these 3 kids I didn’t recognize came running up to me (the oldest about 9?) and they were really excited and saying “HIIIII!” “Hiiii Josh!!!” They were kind of ugly & I think they had autism or something…. They kicked some dirt into my Nalgene which led them to start intentionally putting dirt in it. I was really annoyed & got up to get away from them but one or 2 of them grabbed my ankles & wouldn’t let me go. I kind of fell to my hands. I thought, ‘these stupid kids, I’m going to hurt them by stepping on them’. I tried to free my legs & was surprised how strong they were. Finally I was able to sort of roll out of their grasp to the other side of where Wade & Caleb were sitting. Then another dude jumped on my back. At first I thought it was like a little 5 or 6 year old kid & reached behind me & grabbed him & “grounded him”. When I saw him I was not surprised at all, but “he” was this weird little black, shiny skinned alien with an oblong head and four to six 3 or 3 & half foot long spindly legs. As I looked at him on the ground I remember thinking how weird it was that this “guy” didn’t surprise me at all & totally seemed like just another kid.

Then our location sort of turned back into like a living room/kitchen area & Mary Kate Wise (also assuming Dustin was there in my peripheral) came out & told all of us to head out to the deck/patio & they were going to show a video (probably a Light Gives Heat heat movie/teaser). The first “person” out the door was the little alien guy. Then we realized it was really cold outside & Mary Kate decided we shouldn’t go outside. So the little guy came running back in. 

Dream 4-18?-09

It was night and I was walking up a neighborhood street with a tennis court to my right. The lights were on and there were several highschool or a little older aged  kids in there. I noticed thed was red paint all over the grass between me and the tennis courts. I reached down and got the red all over my hand and at that same time a car passing by came really close to me. In jest I slapped the back of the car with my messy hand and hoped they would think it was blood. One of the kids came out of the tennis courts and picked up a brush sopped with the red paint. He threw it at the next passing car. The driver got pissed off and whipped a U. He stopped his car on the side of the street, got out and pointed a gun at the kid. I think he a had one or two guys with him and they all looked kind of like gang members. He shot the kid and as the kid’s friends ran up to try and fight them they got gunned down too. I thought they’d think I was one of the kids and shoot me too, so I dropped down into the deep grass and played dead. They saw me and ran up to where I was and put the pistol to my head. “What’s up?” they asked me. Realizing they knew I wasn’t dead I acted like I just woke up. “Nothin’ I was just sleeping here,” taking my chance I quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun forcing it off my forehead. I got up and manged to get my finger behind the trigger. I think I was successful in discharging all the rounds thus disarming him. Then I woke up.

Dream 9-3-08


I think I fell down the stairs in the “New Room” at mom and dad’s. I landed weird and broke my wrist. Only this was no normal break – my hand broke completely off. I held my hand on by matching the bones up until I got some help. I don’t remember much pain, just the freaky feeling of making sure it was matched up so it could begin healing the right way. I also remember thinking ‘Well, I’ve finally broke a bone! I’. It didn’t take it long to begin healing. I think within hours I was able to move all my fingers. I remember looking at the weird way the skin came together at the cut.

(Today -in real life – I read this story at FOXNEWS.COM:

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. –  Investigators are puzzled by the death of two pre-teen siblings whose skeletons were found in a California storage unit.

Investigators said Tuesday that dental records identified them as Victor and Tricia Reyes (RAY’-ess). They had been dead for two to four years when the discovery of a severed hand last month led detectives to search a Derrell’s Mini Storage unit in Bakersfield.

But authorities don’t know how they died.

A coroner says they appeared to be 10 or 11. Police say that their mother died this year of a drug overdose and that their father lives in Mexico.

Investigators say that the woman’s other children were known to child welfare officials but that she hid the other two from authorities.

My emphasis added.)

Dreams 8-11-95 – 9-9-05

8-11-95 It was night, I think me Wes and Aric were in Steamboat. Then we saw a bus coming. It was Nall Avenue! They all came out of the bus and I found Meredith. I went up and hugged her. .. . I remember (Dick? Vick?) getting mad at church. … I remember dad burning a hot dog until it was totally black & I scraped some of the black off with a knife.


8-20-95 I was in some sort of secret operation, like a spacecamp thing or something. I had got to know this girl real good, she said she was a Christian. Then one day I found out she was an Iraqi spy. We captured her and locked her up. I went up to her and said “There’s one thing I want to know, are you really a Christian?” And I can’t remember her answer.


8-21-95 Mom was outside in the snow and it was stormy. I was in mom & dad’s room and she was calling me out to help her roll up a bunch of sleeping bags. … I was at the back of the COuntry General and Aric was showing me a weird bow. It was night and the store was closed. All the lights were off except a couple in back. ….. I was playing some of my music real loud in a neighborhood and I was walking down the street or an ally and I could still hear it.


8-22-95 School had started and I was in Science. For some reason I had my Transformers there at school. We had this dork for a teacher and he told me to throw them away, that they were junk. I said no and he said why and I said I was going to be a cartoonist when I grew up and that the Transformers were some of Hannah-Barbara’s best cartoons. He laughed at me and said “Hannah Barbara, huh?” Then I thought about telling Mr. Feight about his lack of respect for my goal in life. ….. Then I was at the Village Inn (different than ours in real life) and I remembered I had to call mom. I called and she was listening to Arrowsmith (?) real loud. Aric could hear it from his seat. Then mom asked to speak to Brandon.


8-25-95 Dad had this thing on his neck and he told me to just cut it off.


8-26-95 Several times I had to go pee SO BAD! And when I did it was a huge load. Then when I wok up this morning I had to pee so bad it hurt!


9-11-95 I dreamt they made Star Trek Generations II The Enterprise got sucked backed together somehow. ……. We got back from somewhere and found out Smokey got into a trash can. I picked him up and brought him to the kitchen where we had the 10 commandments. I showed him which one he broke.


9-16-95 I remember fighting two dogs in Curtis’ yard…… I signed a few girl’s yearbooks and I drew a picture in one. Then Courtney asked me to sign her yearbook and draw a picture in it. It seems like we were in a gym. As I signed she leaned her head on my shoulder.


9-24-95 I gave Courtney a card that said “Lean on me” later she gave me a card that said “Thank you for the “Lean on me” card”.


11-28-96 Let’s see, something about me not painting the backdrop for the First Baptist plays then finding out Wes was in it & I was wanting to paint it today.  Then I was out in the front yard with Shannon (Pratt) and Justin. I had a wig that looked like Amy Cashion’s hair. I had it on when Jennifer Eggers came out and was complaining about having to work or something. She left and then Shannon was saying something about hitting her tongue on Justin’s teeth. I said something like “Me too-like this” (We were on the ground) I leaned over to tap her teeth with my tongue and then all the sudden we started frenching. Then all the sudden I was in this small adobe house- I think it was in Mexico. I was in my underwear and went next door to get a hot-dog & then went across the dirt street & into another adobe house. I came in and said “Watch out naked man comin’ in” Behind a curtain I heard Andrea Matson yelling at me. ALL THE SUDDEN John Candy was by a lake (Still in Mexico) the day was cloudy. He was in a police suit or something. He was talking to a police officer when he turned around and saw a garbage truck backing in & falling in to the lake. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” He yelled as the other officer pushed him into the water, since John Candy was fat-he floated good- the officer gave him a push and he floated out…I saw a mountain behind the lake. The sky was black and the mountain looked like a cartoon – ALL THE SUDDEN I was at home. Mom, Dad and Wes were watching the Bronco game. I was riding a bike in the house. I asked them how could that mountain be like that. I started to watch the game while they took their attention off to talk. I saw a Bronco receiver jump real high to catch a pass and when he came down his head lodged into the ground. It looked like he would have broke his neck  & died but he got up(with helmet in ground) and walked off. “Did you see that?” I yelled at dad. The news showed a flash of this happening to a guy who fell off a building and it killed him.



1-22-01 I dreamt me, Wes Josh and Jared (maybe Jesse) went to World Harvest and the pastor was preaching along. I wasn’t really listening but all the sudden I realized he just said “We’re going to bark in the spirit” The whole church started to sort of growl & then bark. I looked at Josh and Jared and [Josh] Jared rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, then I remember I (&mom & Wes??) were on the top of the “funny looking building” in Denver. I saw a little hotwheel truck and kicked it off the side. (It was night) Then I was like -oh no-that could kill someone.

6-19-01 One of my many dreams last night I was riding with John in his jeep @ night. In his messy jeep I found this huge conglomeration of remotes. Stereo, TV, VCR, DVD…whatever. On it was a little clear plastic box with a spring mechanism inside…a game? When John realized I found it, he confessed he took it from Josh C. He then made a comment about my shaved head-something about Josh and I being bald.

6-19-01 Well it’s like 4:54 right now so I’ve almost totally forgot this dream. The school year started and all of us that have quit Campus Crusade were there at the 1st meeting of the year. There were tons of new people. Seems like we were trying to get people to “defect” to our new group.  ….. Then I was here at the J House but the upstairs had 4 bedrooms and I was moving over to the Northeast one. I remember thinking that after I moved then I would have been in every bedroom in the house(was there a basement??)

12-3-01 (I have my hair dyed black right now) I dreamt I had antibiotic cream all over my hands while I was fixing my hair and it dyed my hair blond really well- so I had this frosted look- it was cool.

1-15-02 It seems like I had just got back (to Craig?) from Christmas (in Denver?) break and it was Sat & Sun before I had to go back to school. It was clouded over and dark. Darin had come over to see Wes. For some reason I had these punk friends. I don’t think they were Christians. They were in a band and somehow I volunteered to sing back up vocals for them. Their show was a loooooooong ways away (Salt Lake?) and we were going to go and be back Sunday. I asked them to wait real quick while I ran and repacked my bag. Mom & Dad were OK with it and even smiled as I left. Their car was small like a hatchback. We got going only Darin & Wes decided to follow us in Darin’s Maxima. I remember we stopped in a mountain range in a canyonish area. There was some sort of war or spiritual activity going on. A skeleton ran over toward us and I hit it in the back. When it hit the ground it busted apart. I picked up an arm and found out it was plastic. I heard a girl say something like Why’d you do that? We continued on our journey and I met Jennie and Josh at (Jeni’s parent’s house? but not in Denver) We all had pizza together.

9-30-02 I dreamt I was flying an F-16 over Grand Junction. I think there was a pilot in the back seat guiding me because I gunned it over the city and he said I wasn’t supposed to do that-I should wait until we’re over an unpopulated area-so I flew over the Monument.



2-14-03 I dreamt I was [skateboarding?] and these little teenagers kept trying to trip me up. They had this blow-up figure that they could blow up real fast. When I came by they would blow it up in front of me to try to scare me. I was never even startled by it and finally decided I was tired of it. I took the closet kid and threw him onto a car. They all got scared and left me alone.

2-15-03 I [we] lived in this sort of house, more like a small office type building and it seems like it was at the/an airport. We had a space shuttle parked outside alongside our own cars. I remember thinking I need to go take a picture of it while we still have it parked out there. Then we had this little remote control space shuttle that was constantly circling the parking lot. I laid down on my stomach along it’s track and somehow propelled myself and then chased it.

10-13-03 We  got a new poodle to replace Smokey. He looked almost just like him only more like a poodle. We were teaching him tricks like Smokey used to do and he seemed to be learning  to give me “five”.

Then there was a huge black widow in the new room. It’s butt was the size of a golf ball. I was like “Wes! Go get your blow gun!!” But he wouldn’t, and instead started poking it with his finger. It didn’t move. So then I poked it and my finger sunk into it’s back and we killed it.

10-15-03 I was with Mom & Dad eating at a place like Johnny Carino’s. Dad had gotten a new job as something like a state patrolmen at the mine. He was telling us about  some guy that he pulled over. I was watching the waitresses. One got off to go home while another was left by herself to wait all these tables and she was pissed.

10-16-03 Wes was in the new room playing a video game and I was playing my music on the stereo. I had my music really loud but when mom & dad went to bed I turned it halfway down. After like half an hour I realized this was still way too loud and turned it down to like 10 percent. It still seemed really loud and finally I went back to see how loud it was by their room. When I got back there it was still really loud and mom was in bed with the light on. I asked her if she could hear the stereo and she said yes. I felt really bad.

10-17-03 I was at work although the place was set up different. It was dark (rainy?) outside and we didn’t  have any lights on in the store. It was just Annette, Molly & me.  The there was some young guy on our self serve and we had my CD playing. It was a Christian CD and it said something about Jesus or something and the guy repeated it and laughed.

10-23-03 Benson and I went to Boston’s to hang out only when we got there it looked more like a pavillion at a park. We got seated and then all the sudden tons of high schoolers started coming in. It was like a graduation party for Fruita Monument. Benson got up to go to the bathroom and never came back. The place was so packed with high schoolers I think I was the only one there not from Fruita Monument. Eric Knoche was there as a waiter and I talked to him for a minute. Then a band started playing  on the stage. It was a band of fellow HS students. I looked over to my right where the concrete ended and the grass started. There was a kid there who looked like the kind of kid that no one likes but he thinks he’s really cool. He had his own guitar and amp and started to play. There was a teacher next to him that told him to stop. Then the lead guitarist up on stage’s guitar quit working. I happened to be right where all their cords hooked up to the sound system. A teacher was trying to help figure out what was wrong. I offered to let them use my guitar cord but I told them it was broken too.

10-25-03 I guess I worked at some sort of hotel/motel. I was in a room cleaning? There was a knock on the outside door and when I opened it there was a 10 year old kid there and he said “You suck” and then tried to come in. I said “Ut unh,” and wouldn’t let him come in. Then his brother about 15 came up and insulted me as well; I wouldn’t let him in either. Then their dad came and he was nice to me so I let them in. I was showing them the room and then I looked up into a tank near the high ceiling  above the shower. Through a square window I could see raw sewage. It was so gross and I was like ‘Ut oh, better flush that’. While they weren’t looking I flushed it. ……. I remember Naomi (over at our house in Craig?) She was frazzled and looked different and was rambling about something.

10-26-03 Last night in real life I drank a whole bottle of champagne so I was a little drunk this morning in my sleep. In my dream a bunch of us including Wes and Jesse had a new apartment. It looked inside a bit like Rhonda & Jesse’s new place but I have no idea where it was. We were just getting stuff moved in. (I think this part was a t the end of a previous dream that had something  to do with driving in a car with a whole bunch of people) Anyway, I think it was morning. and I was still feeling drunk. I went on a bike ride with Rhonda & Jesse. We went up 1st street and all around somewhere I can’t remember. Then we came down 12th street (all the sudden it was like sunset) I had a hard time stopping and I skidded because I was a little drunk. Then Jesse and I tried to race off the line. When we got across 12th we were on a grassy slope and it was the middle of a sunny day. We stopped to talk at (I think a stone table) and I remember Rhonda came around to my side. Then I walked around behind her. Then we got back on our bikes and went up the grassy slope. I saw a green rag on the ground that I knew was ours from our place.

10-27-03 Right when I woke up I remembered so much but then it all slipped away. All I can remember was (watching TV?) and there was this reality show on, now I can’t even remember the plot of the show. There was this pool at this mansion. There was a black chick floating on an air mattress and a white chick laying on a towel or chair beside the pool. Suddenly a tiger came through the gate toward them. The black chick saw the tiger coming she sat up and screamed. The white chick who was tanning in a fluorescent green bikini jumped out of her chair and ran from the tiger. Somehow the tiger got ahold of both of them and basically laid them over and hugged them and that was it…

10-28-03 Wes was quitting Pizza Hut for a better job. I remember he had done a stint at Applebee’s and I was wishing I had worked there. Somewhere in my dreams I blew out the back tire on my bike again and I was PISSED off.

10-29-03 I was in a Christian bookstore I think. I saw this guy wearing a Circle of Dust shirt and I said “Circle of Dust! Rock on!” He said he hadn’t really heard them that a friend gave him the shirt. He said it was weird he hadn’t heard them considering he knew all the guys. I was like “You KNOW them?” He was like yeah and listed their names. I was like you know Buka and Level and all of them? He was like Buka yeah…Level? And I said Dan Levler? And he was like Oh yeah, Dan Levler. I was like, dude, you should check out Dan Lever’s stuff, Level. It is the best music, BAR NONE! Then I met some other kids but I gave that guy my card so we could stay in contact.

10-30-03 For some reason I felt like I wanted to nail down a window on my computer screen. So I started driving a nail right into my monitor screen. It went in without breaking the screen but it sent up an error message. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t have done that. …There were these (tour guides?) and at the end they pretended to fall down this steep slope/cliff. But I could tell they were just dummies sliding down the mountain. Then I was one of them and we spoke in Aussie accents. It was just 3 of us then 2 of us and we went into this cave and followed this alien for a while….

11-7-03 I was being chased by some “bad guys”. I was up on Horizon (I think maybe I was in the Adam’s Mark?) They had been chasing me for a while. Then I think I was on a Harley trying to run from them in cars. I remember trying to plot which way to go. I went through the Pizza Hut parking lot but it was where Burger King is.

11-9-03 I can’t remember the sequence at all. I remember leaving a neighborhood with mom, dad & Wes like we were evacuating. I remember we had little bags with baby birds? in them. I think we were packed up in an old Cadillac? Before that I remember trying to get a mouse or a gerbil out of a cage and thinking I needed to grab his tail. I remember being  the garage or basement of a house (supposedly the J House?) and someone…it was that black lady, the oracle from the Matrix Revolutions, was telling me to paint a trashcan a certain color but I said no, because the current color (dark green) matched the trim of the house. But of course the house now has white trim. Then later, Wes and I were getting our last things before evacuating our house (mom & dad were outside waiting) Then we looked into the hills (because there was no wall on that side of the house) (it was night) and we saw lava or fire coming toward us. A crack glowing orange was coming right for us, we had less time than we thought. We grabbed a few last things. I grabbed a stuffed  bag that had my cell phone clipped to it and we ran for the car.

11-10-03 I was at the mall and saw that girl that was at Tami’s party (in real life dressed as a Hooters girl and I have seen her once eating at Red Robin and once working there) she was working at a Keosk and I thought, jee she has a lot of jobs. ……I was with Amber in her truck. She had a full size, extended cab Dodge Ram. It was dark green and she was hauling 2 big ranch water tanks. We were just sitting there talking at the top of this hill (Sort of like up by First Baptist in Craig) Then we decided to go and started driving down this street. This girl in a small car pulled out in front of us and Amber came close to hitting her. We both were driving down the left side of the road. I thought it was some punk kid and then realized it was a cute girl. She pulled into the house right across the street from where we were pulling in. We saw some guy that I think Amber told me was Joel’s dad.

11-11-03 I was living in a duplex I think. It was raining outside. I looked out the window and saw Star Murry coming. She just walked in the front door. We talked for a while.

11-13-03 I was in the New Room but I think it was Josh Cunningham’s house. There was a dry erase board hanging over the TV on the east wall. It rolled down like a projector screen. I started drawing something on it but Josh gave me a look like I shouldn’t do that. Then Wes was copying me and started drawing this little skeleton guy all over everything (the sides of videos, etc.) Courtney was there and wherever Wes drew that she wrote “Never did interest me”. It seemed like she was referring to a famous basketball player though.

11-14-03 I was on some street corner when I met some famous guy…I can’t remember who he was…Ben Stiller? Matt Damon? Ben Afleck? Anyway, he needed a ride somewhere and was offering me a tip. I couldn’t take him. Then I told him that my brother met Billy Bob Thorton and Billy Bob gave him a $100 tip. He sort of laughed and said “Here” and showed me a dollar. …… I was swimming in a public pool with Drew Barrymore. She had a nice body and was wearing a pink bikini. The pool was kind of nappy.  As she climbed out she showed off her body. Then she got into the kiddie pool. She turned into a big fat chick. There was little to no water left in the kiddie pool. I went over there to join her but she was stupid and she farted toward the drain. I was like EWWW! And went to dive back in the big pool. I jumped really high and dove in all the way to the bottom and hit my head. I woke up holding my breath.

11-24-03 I remember being “intimate” with Audra. Then I was in this sort of basement/dorm area with Jesse. We were on a reality show and the camera crew or whatever wanted us to pretend like we were just waking up. My bed was right next to Jesse’s and we were laughing about something. Then I was in a stairwell of a big building and was headed out to the woods. There was a report of a sighting of the Sasquatch.  When I got out there it was pretty dark, but then I saw him running from my right. He had this corny look on his face and was wearing a bull horn helmet (like a viking). Then somebody (a news cameraman?) told me that was their fake one to try and scare out the real one. It’s fading now, but I’m pretty sure I saw the real one running through the trees.

12-14-03 Seems like I was in an abandoned parking garage or maybe at a construction site. Molly was there and some how both of us ended up in our underwear. She had a blue bra and panties. For some reason we were at a point of being completely truthful with each other and she was almost at tears and looked me in the eyes and said “Josh, you’re SO perfect” like she had wanted me for a long time and now because of something I can’t remember she was letting it all out. I hugged her.

12-16-03 Felicia and I made up. So I ended up at her family’s house and she was giving me a tour of the house. It was real early in the morning and her parents were still in bed. For some reason we went into her parent’s room and walked by the sides of the bed and I felt real awkward. Then she showed me her sister’s room and it was painted purple. I said “purple” and made a face.

1-12-04 It seems like I was traveling with someone and had to stop at this school for some reason. I think it was a middle school but someone told me it was Grand Junction High School. Whoever I was with went with me to a locker room and we, or just me changed and then they went somewhere else. I changed in some blue Pajamas but I thought they passed as workout clothes. I put my stuff into a locker and some sequins or something fell out on the floor. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the dream wandering around this small school. I kept coming back to the locker room which was in a way joined to the band room. Once I found the front office and as I passed by a guy my age working the desk said “Josh”. I stopped and I faintly recognized him but couldn’t place him. He had long hair and said something to me. I was like “Where do I know you from? Is it Pizza Hut?” No he said. “High school?” I saw some of the kids look at me. I think he said yes to that. Then I continued down the halls. I passed by a teacher who saw my sequins on the floor and she said something like “Who made the mess?”. A few more times through the locker room but I never did find the bathroom.

1-19-04 I came to work on my “Monday” and I noticed we had a new computer with a new register. (It was normal that our registers had computers). It was CopyCopy but my boss was Dan from Pizza Hut. Then all the sudden I realized they annexed the building next to us which was a library. They let the lobby area stay the library with their own computers and then we had more computers for us in the back. I was confused and aggravated as to which were ours. Seems like mom & dad and Wes were there…

2-2-04 All I remember is looking up at the inside of the dome of White Hall. It was much bigger and was quite an attraction.

2-4-04 I was hanging out with this old guy who just retired. He was sad because now he didn’t know what to do with his life. We were sort of in his driveway and garage. He had lots of cool stuff, like a record/ 8track/ tape/ multi-disc CD player. I asked him if he had seen About Schmidt and he said yes. I told him there was still hope of having fun in life.

2-8-04 I was at a retreat (I don’t think it was necessarily a Christian retreat). All the guys there were dressed in the latest fashion. They all had long shaggy hair, dirty pants, etc. I had been talking with some girls (Deidre and Erika?) and I held a particular stance in an argument. They were really trying to convince me. Ashton Kercher was there and overheard the argument. So he took me aside to try to explain it to me. It was like we were buds. I remember I put my arm around his shoulders and we were walking around the room. He was really tall and it almost felt like I was hanging off his side. We came around to an area where some dudes were playing hackey sack but with a bouncy ball. This one guy and girl were talking and Aston stopped and asked if he could butt into their conversation and then asked if the guy if he agreed with his point. The guy said yes. The bouncy ball flew toward Ashton and he kicked it back into their game.

2-12-04 I was hanging with a bunch of friends out at this house in the country. We were going to do a demolition derby I think. Jarrod Jeffery (from High School) got into a little bitty Toyota and started to drive real fast around the yard area (it was like all sage brush). About that time somebody was coming in the front gate in another small vehicle. Jarrod T-Boned him and his truck flipped upside down. Me and everyone else out there were freaked out and didn’t know what to do. We wouldn’t call 911 because we thought we would get in trouble. Finally we went over there and for the longest time I couldn’t see either of the drivers. I think the 2nd guy had already got out. Finally we pulled some wreckage out of the way and pulled Jarrod out. I guess he was OK. Then it was morning out at that house. Benson was pretending to be a big dog and chase me around the house, but he couldn’t catch me.

2-25-04 I was in this bed next to Molly and on the other side of her was Eliza Dushku. They were in like bed clothes and I was in my skivies like usual. We were talking about this Nicole Nordman CD  and I forgot she was Christian. Molly and Eliza liked the CD. When I looked at it I remembered it was Christian and I thought Eliza must be a Christian (I had no idea it was Eliza, just some hot girl)


Dream Log

11-19-04 I think It was last Saturday when Benson and the Hawaiians were having a party and some freshman was disrespecting their house. They asked him to leave and on his way out he put his hand toward Fuey. Fuey thought he was going to punch him and so Fuey decked him in the face. The kid had to get like 12 stitches. Anyway, Benson lifted him up and brought him into the house so they could make sure he was OK. That same night (I had no idea any of this happened) I dreamt that Jeremy and I were moving into a house and we shared a room downstairs. It was night and we had some people over including Benson. We heard something and went upstairs (I think the electricity wasn’t on yet) to find two guys in beanies with sacks over their shoulders coming out of the kitchen  robbing us. Benson picked up one of the guys and threw him down the stairs. For some reason a whole bunch of people showed up outside like they thought we were having a party. Some older guy (like a Harley type guy) seemed to side with the robbers and was at the door like he was trying to make me/us leave. I said “Are you with the police?” he said no. I said, “Then I need you to leave” And so he and most of the people left but there were a lot of hot girls and we told them they could stay.

11-19-04 I think it was Wednesday when I had this dream (today is Friday) I was at this house with a bunch of friends (I think it was my house and maybe some of the others) Wes was there too. Somehow I knew we were all Christians and I think in some way we doing something for God or something. Well, about two thirds of us decided to go somewhere for a little while and a few stayed at the house, including Wes (It was night and I think the house was out near a forested area) We did whatever and then came back. Inside we found spray painted words on the walls. I can’t remember what the words were but I remember feeling that they were evil, like some satanists came and put them there. Then we walked into the room where the others were. Everything in the room had been turned upside down. The chairs, lamps, tables, etc. And the weirdest part was everyone in there was in some sort of hypnotic trance where they seemed to be asleep and they were upside down too. I remember looking at Wes, he was sort of in a tripod with his head and hands on the ground. I think all their bodies where in a seated position. I can’t remember, either we said something or they just came out of it, but the all came to. As they did, they fell out of the upside down stances. I remember the look of bewilderment on Wes’ face. He had no idea what had happened.

11-21-04 I dreamed I was at Diedre, Erika & Laura’s apartment and I got too tired to come to my apartment so they were going to let me sleep there. They gave me a couple of pillows to lay on. Then Laura said something that made Erika REALLY mad. I think that was all before the next dream. I was at some Door activity but we were all in a basketball arena up in like the second tear looking down on the court. I was sitting by Lawrence and Paul Watson. Paul had set up a special leadership team that Lawrence had joined and he was talking about places to have a meeting. Then I remember him saying “I mean, we could even catch a flight somewhere for 40 minutes(or miles?) and have the meeting on the plane. Fly to wherever and then back” I couldn’t believe he said that, so I said “That would be really expensive,” and he was like “Yeah, I guess it would be, that just shows I’m  not good with money”. Then we looked down to the court and the Denver Broncos started coming out only it sort of changed into a practice field. They had on the old blue helmets with the orange “D” I was like “All-right the good old school helmets,” Then some of he players had orange helmets with the “D”. Then it was like I was one of them or something. It was just a scrimmage but I guess there were some Raiders down there. One of the Broncos caught a pass and was running kind of toward me and one of the Raider guys (a big guy) went to tackle him. The Raiders was being dumb and didn’t wear a helmet. They collided head to head and the Bronco laid the Raider out and busted open his head. There was no blood but water was gushing out of his head. I thought that was really strange. I think I went over to look at it. It seemed like he already had a scar running from the back to the front of his scalp right across the top.

11-27-04 A night or two ago I was dreaming that I was trying to have lunch with Jessica Rayfield, but everywhere we went wasn’t working so we had to move like 3 times. I remember having to pee at one of the places and it was like that place behind the tennis courts at our house in Craig. It was night and the tennis court lights were on. I was trying to pee behind a tree so she wouldn’t see. One of the places it seems like she wasn’t even there but there was a cliff down to some (water?) or oil or something black and liquid. There was a tree branch or a log that over hung the cliff. Erika and someone else fell off the branch into the mud or oil or whatever and I ran or jumped down there to the side and reached in and pulled her out.

4-8-05 I was at a (motel?) hanging out with MxPx. I was asking Yuri  about “the punk beat”. He was telling me about some variations to it but then they had to go.

Then I dreamt Wes and Rebecca bought a house. It was really nice, like two stories and they were already all moved in.

7-12-05 I was a Canyon View Vineyard Church (maybe after working on the Vox? It was night) I heard some glass breaking and rounded to the front area. Around a corner I could see some kids picking up sticks and hitting rocks through a window. In the back of my head I  knew the church had a problem with the windows being broken out and now I was like “Ah ha, I caught them!” I noticed a ladder leading to the roof and they climbed up it. I decided to quietly follow them and see where they were going. They went into a window that was set back up there. As I came in I saw in the distance two kids and a taller guy that I had followed in. Then I heard a narrator (as if this was on the news and I could hear the reporter) He said something about them which was almost like him trying to convince me of something I didn’t want to believe. The taller guy was Curt Lincoln. Then they went into a bigger room where there was like a Young Life meeting going on. Then I saw Steven and maybe Amos and (Lawrence maybe??) And I decided to confront Curt. I guess I told him that I saw them doing that. Curt got kind of an annoyed “You don’t understand” look on his face. “You can’t turn these kids down [and scare them away from the Kingdom]” he shook his head like he knew I wouldn’t understand and walked away. I was just standing there thinking…wow, I have always thought Curt was like the perfect servant of God but after seeing this, I see he’s not perfect.”

Then I was here at the house getting ready for [the first day of school?] I was putting on some kind of nice clothes. I looked out my window and there were three cows just lounging around in our backyard. I looked over and noticed the fence on the southside had been knocked down. I was annoyed and told Amos.

9-8-05  For some reason I was in this guy’s hotel room. He was having problems with his computer and I felt compelled to help him. I vaguely remember hearing someone on somebody’s cell phone; they were so pissed off and yelling that I could hear them a couple of feet from the phone.

Then I was back in Hawaii. I was laying on the beach. In the news they were talking about the suns rays becoming more and more deadly. I and everyone around me knew it wasn’t much longer before the sun would be too harmful for us and we would need to completely avoid it. I was trying to soak up every last bit of it while I still could. I remember just sort of staring at a palm tree and the waves and thinking how perfect and beautiful it was. Then I looked over and noticed like a sort of enclosed tide pool and saw some dolphins in it.  I was thinking ‘Cool! I’m seeing dolphins in Hawaii!!’ . Then I saw a little kid riding one and thought, “I have got to go do that”.

9-9-05 I went home to Craig with Wes & Rebecca and we got Jason & Pam to come with us. I remember mom and I were trying to convince them to stay throughout the weekend but they were only going to stay a night. I remember thinking it was cool that they were meeting my parents cause I met theirs. Then we went down into the garage and dad and me and (Wes?) we playing keep away or something with the baseball. I remember mom and dad just being REALLY happy that we were there.

Then I was going on a trip some where I can’t remember but I was going to fly north. I was flying on these weird planes where there was a line of seats outside like on or under the wing and your feet just hung kind of like a rollercoaster seat. The planes were actually towed by really small little one person planes that pulled them like a tugboat and was only connected by a chain. I remember the captain or someone was saying the if the plane went down the guy in the little plane had no chance of surviving. Benson was the pilot of one of the little planes (either mine or someone elses’) Then we began take off. These planes were made to fly real low and so we never got real high off the ground. I was struggling the whole time to get my seatbelt on. There was like a cover over the seat back and I was trying to get under it to where my seat belt was.

Then I  was in a nice house that I’ve never seen before, but I knew it was the Lessman’s house. Dad, Wes, Brian, Jason and I were hanging out in the living room area and one two of us had just brought back some fries and stuff from a fastfood place. I reached into the bag and stole a couple of Jason’s spicy fries. Wes went downstairs for something and as he was coming back up he threw something (I can’t remember what) toward Brian and it landed in the corner.

Dreams 5-29-05 through 7-29-95

5-29-95 I was already at Eric’s house, well so was mom, dad and Wes. We just barged in and started eating breakfast, the only person awake was Eric’s dad. ….. Then I can’t remember very good but Aric, Eric, me, Wes & Mom & Dad and Darla and Cassie were getting into the truck. Two people rode in the back. Dad drove. Cassie took her car and I took mine. We went to that parking lot to the left of the theatre and did something and,..I can’t…remember….


5-30-95 Again I can’t remember everything, but for some reason I left the high school and went to the middle school (west) I think I was in a P.E. class. For some reason I wanted to go to the east campus, so to fake out the teacher I pretended like I had a bloody nose. Then I went into the east gym. I saw James Riddle and Brian Bunk in P.E. uniforms shooting hoops with the 5th and 6th graders. Some how I knew they were there because they were flunking 9th grade.


5-31-95 My locker was full length and in a strange place but it was the same color. I opened it and there was nothing in it. All my stuff was gone. Adam said something to me. Then I found a note. I read it, it was from Scott Guire. The note said a bunch of stuff about how I mistreated him. Then he said he would give me my stuff back if I did some of his homework. I said I would so he gave me my English book-but wait! I already turned it in? Then I was at home and Scott gave me all my books. Then he swung my back pack and hit me with it. He yelled “Ya know! I shouldn’t even give you your stuff back!” There was a big toy truck in the back pack. I remember thinking I wasn’t going to do the homework he wanted me to do.

The End

6-11-95 AGAIN, it’s hard to remember these things the way they were. Last night I dreamt there was a hot tub on the stairs at the high school and it was Aric’s. I was in it. ……. Then, Courtney came to visit and when she left she left me a letter in our tree out front.


6-13-95 Cheryle said “This time Courtney really did write you”. I found a piece of paper with some things she wrote on it but I can’t remember if I found the letter. …. Then I was at school but the whole place was different.


6-14-95 Last night I dreamt that me, Wes and Aric went swimming with the youth group. When we were done we went to the church to watch “Pocahantus” . We parked Renny in a garage  there. Aric didn’t want to watch it.

The End

6-15-95 We (me, Wes and Aric) were sitting at a table outside at the north end of the church. There were some girl/s sitting across the table (seniors?). One girl had some greenish silly puddy and she gave it to me. … Then we were talking to Brian….Then me and Wes were at home. We were out back tearing down dad’s scaffolding. Dad was helping. It was rainy out. We had a big pile of wood. Dad said “I said when we set up the modular I was gonna raise it higher with wood. Then dad went to get the truck to move the house. Mom was out back with us. I heard dad say “Come on Smoke! Wanna go for a ride?” It was raining out and there was lightning. Mom said “These people are going to be late for the church pot-luck and they don’t like it. ” I said “Us people?” (Joking) “These people died yesterday..!” Then  I realized she was serious. I looked into the north sky which was dark with clouds. Suddenly I heard thunder LOUD! Everything froze and was completely quiet. I was stiff- I wondered if I was going to heaven now. Then I woke up in bed-stiff.


6-16-95 Last night I dreamt I was in a parking lot somewhere. I was about to get into Renny when I saw Devin Grove getting out of a red vehicle. For a second I thought she could drive. She came over to me and gave me her phone number.


6-18-95 Courtney lived in Jeff Locke’s old house.  I was in the garage with her and I think dad was there too. I remember something about a Shop Vac and a lawnmower. I think I asked her out and she said no.


6-19-95 I called Courtney and Jeremy answered the phone. Jeremy was saying a whole bunch of funny stuff. …..? … Then I actually drove to Courtney’s house. She didn’t live in a neighborhood like i thought. (This was all just after sunset) I rang the doorbell and I think Leonard answered the door and I asked for Courtney. SHe came out with a smile. She walked to a swing set and we started swinging. Courtney asked if I had a girlfriend and when I said “no” she said “uh” All the sudden there were four (play house type)timbers sticking out of the ground around the swing set and there was a brown tarp over it. There was a light somewhere inside. Courtney started playing a tape that she recorded off the radio. We just sorta had fun. …… Then we were at her school in the weight room. Courtney showed me a huge machine for working your legs. She laid in like a pad that had chains from the corners. She pushed with her legs and the thing stretched out. I said “Want me to show you a real squat?” I looked around the weight room and found the bar and two fifties. I looked all around for two more fifties. I couldn’t find them. {Carmen?} was there , I can’t remember what he said. I remember thinking I was just wasting time looking for the fifties so, as if I were just thinking the whole thing, I just imagined the weight I needed. Then I woke up.


6-21-95 Me and Wes were recording funny shows in mom & dad’s room, while they were in bed at about midnight. We had the whole dining room stereo in there. Dad had to get up at about 1:00 to go to work. I asked if she could hear us but mom said no. When I asked dad he said yes madly……. Then I was with some kids that were being punished. Mr. young was making us do push ups. I had a red, white and blue jacket on. I had these red brace things on my wrists. …. Then the youth group went to Steamboat in the winter to ski. We flew in in a plane. Everyone was skiing down this little hill into the back of a pick up filled with water. I couldn’t figure out how they were doing it. So I started hiking up the hill. I saw Deni & Brian throwing a little air-plane back and forth. I was going under a bridge when Courtney threw me one of the air-planes. Then I went to the plane that we came on. I got into the pilot’s seat and I taxied the plane into a parking spot. Then I decided to try the skiing thing again. I didn’t have any poles. Only cross country skis, one of which was missing. I put the one on and started skiing down the hill. I was real hard.


6-22-95 Me, Wes and I think Aric were at City Market. These people were putting silver plates on everyone’s cars so no one would steal anything. The people’s next to us us’ number was 7777 (I don’t know how may) (I can’t remember ours) I circled around the parking lot to the east side. Sam Flores was standing there and I can’t remember why but I got out and beat the crud out of him and he died. A cop saw me. Me Wes and Aric ran out into the wilderness to get away. We saw a police helicopter and ran … Then they brought us to a prison type of place. It just seemed like these people were totally unfair. They were being real harsh to us for no reason at all. I got mad and I saw an alarm button  and pushed it. The faster I pushed it the faster it went off. We were put in seperate cells made of wood. The slats were like 1X4s. They were kind of like animal cages. Tristen was in the cage next to me. When I asked him why he was all wrapped in string  he said “They put this on you if you go crazy! I wanted out real bad – oh ya, they stripped all of us down to our underwear too — I saw Wes in the cage behind mine. We reached though the slats and grabbed each other’s hands. We were going to bust out…


6-26-95 We looked into the northern sky from our back yard and saw about 7 or 8 “hurricanes” I thought “I better put ALL my [news]papers in sacks today. At the top of the street when I was delivering my papers, there was a fancy house and Wes was helping me. He put the paper in the wrong place at that house.


6-28-95 There was a spot on the ground out back where ants swarmed and a few hornets landed and some spiders crawled. I was stomping the hornets and spiders. I reached down to pick up one of the dead hornets when I noticed a stinging on my left palm. I looked at it and there was this stuff like black ink on my hand. I figured it was spider poison. I ran into mom’s room to tell her. [All the sudden it was night, she was getting ready for bed and Dad was in bed] I was trying to get mom’s attention but Wes was asking something about Smokey. When I showed mom she said “Hmmm, Spider poison,” Then I woke up and I was laying on my hand cutting off the blood.


7-16-95 Me, Wes, Dad and Aric went climbing hills in winter with our skiis on. All the sudden Aric was gone and our skiis were off. Dad broke his arm or something. Me and Wes had to go up and rescue him. I remember thinking about the High Mountain Rangers.


7-29-95 I was in a jeep wagoneer with Courtney. She was driving and she stopped on a street where we got out and sat on the hood and watched a TV behind a chain linked fence. …. Then I was home and I was showing Courtney my room. I turned on the black light and then Aric was with us.


Dreams 4-16-95 thru 5-27-95

4-16-95 Last night I dreamt the cops were out front wanting to ask questions because Chris Peirce stole the Driver’s Ed car.

4-17-95 I dreamt last night that I had the top half of a dummie and I was using foam pad to make boobs on it. ……. Then I was driving out of the garage in the truck when Troy and Aaron came out of the back yard …. Then we were going down the road. I don’t know who was driving. The sun was below the horizon (basically night) Me, Wes and Aric were in a camper on our truck. Aric had two cute lil’ dogs laying on him. Then we were ready for bed. There was a girl with us (Krista Krummel?) Me, Wes and Aric started singing something. Then  I started us singing “R-O-C-K in the U. S. A.! Then we went to sleep. Then I woke up here in my bed at home. It was 1:30 pm. Then I really woke up at 9:05 am. [still sorta late]


4-20-95 I only remember this part of last night’s dreaming. I remember working on a sketch for art. It was of a candle in a holder. The holder had to be a castle. The whole thing had to be sitting on my head-so I had to draw my own face.


4-22-95 Last night i dreamt I was playing basketball with Courtney – but it was in the northeast corner of City Market. I remember we squished some grapes in the produce section. Then Courtney had a button in her mouth and she wanted to kiss me. …… Then I was in I was in the bathroom part of a locker room. I had my football gear on. Coach Yester wanted me for something. He called me then went somewhere. I couldn’t find him so I went back to the bathroom.


4-23-95 Last night I dreamt that Don Knotts was in his house by his self and he was really scared. It was night and he was in  his bed. He had three pillows. It seems like I was him ??


4-28-95 Last night I dreamt I was at school coming up the first flight of stairs when I saw some little kids. I figured they were getting a tour or something. I saw Chucky. Then I saw Tray and I said hi but he acted like he didn’t recognize me so I tried to explain who I was. Then all the sudden I was at Wal Mart or K Mart or something. Brandon was there. I asked Brandon if Wes Pankey  really did carry a gun to school. Brandon said No. …. Then I was at Driver’s Ed but not at the High School, it was in the shop over near the City Park. When I got done Wes (bro) was with me. We drove through the city park road. People were doing something at the L-Pool. Wes said they were going to make an outfield. The L-Pool wasn’t an L though and it was where that tennis court/Parking lot is. Then it was day and I was swimming in it.


4-29-95 Last night I dreamt I was looking at the grill of the truck. Then Bo ran away but Bo looked like Grizz… Then I was out in a field fenced in by chain link. There was a wire table in the South West corner.  There were chunks of meat on the ground. Then Bo came back and started eating the meat. So I put a piece on the table and started dragging it so I could lead Bo home …. Then me, Wes and Dad were swimming at Granny’s house with Jenny (She was still skinny)


5-2-95 I dreamt that Smokey died, Wes passed me in his Swift comics and my pencils on the counter got knocked on the floor.


5-4-95 I dreamt I was at the high school but it was totally different. …… I dreamt I was driving the van to Driver’s Ed.  because I couldn’t drive the car for some reason. I was by myself. Then when I was coming home I was in the car with Wes!?! Then we stopped at The Other Place and I let Wes drive.


5-6-95 I dreamt I was in this cave that was for a train only now that I think of it, it was nowhere near big enough for a train. There was a chain link fence and Lee Poole was painting 69 all over it. …. Then I dreamt that I asked Mr. Drolle if we were going to teach the 3rd & 4th graders next week. ….. Then, out in front of the high school  by the front doors was a little play ground and there was a kid playing on it. I can’t remember what, but I said some things to him.


5-7-95 There was a classroom (At the high school or church??) it was really big, it was night, there were no windows. There was one light I think. I was playing a board game with some people. Then I found Jason Bacon’s notebook and I was looking through it at his drawings. I saw a picture of Carrot that I drew in there.

5-12-95 I dreamt that I wanted to buy some flowers for mom for mother’s day [At school in real life they are selling roses & violets & I thought about buying one] In the dream they had lots of different kinds of flowers, they even had a kind called Lamborghini. [In real life the price was $6.00 for violets and $8.00 for roses and they’re selling Pawstonian magazines for $3.00 and $1.50 with a coupon.] WHen I went to buy the flowers they showed me a stack of papers with scribbles on them. The girls said they were the coupons. You could use them at any store in town. The businesses didn’t really like them but they would except them. So when I bought the flowers they were cheaper. ….. Then I was in the basement, we just found out that Calie had two more kittens….. Then me, Wes Dad and Aric were going to a men’s retreat but it wasn’t at Mt. Elim or Latigo Ranch. It was in the summer. There was a long trail to the ranch. I don’t know how the others got there but me, Wes, Aric and Dad rode our bikes. Dad got either ahead of us or he went with the others.  The bike ride was long and hard through the forest, it was hot.  Wes said “Gee, I wish we had a giant lawnmower pool right now,” Then we came to a porch where we locked up our bikes. Down the hill we saw the cabins. Wes saw all the guys lined up to play volleyball. When we got down there we also saw two swimming pools. I said “How are those lawnmower pools, Wes?”


5-17-95 I dreamt that I was with someone watching a movie in Wes’ room. It was called “The Tree”. The movie showed a tree growing and at the same time it showed these two little kids (3&4 or 4&5 year olds) that represented the branches. The boy was a little older so he was a branch lower on the tree. The boy tried to teach the girl things. Toward the end of the movie the girl showed her mom all the colors on her shirt. That showed that she learned something from the boy. To represent that on the tree, the girl’s limb grew leaves. The narrator of the movie explained this. There were other scenes in the movie but I don’t understand how they have anything to do with the movie….. Then, I was coming into my room early in the morning [still dark outside) My Mickey Mouse lamp was on. There was a picture hanging on my door. It was a group of kids (a whole bunch) at First Baptist. I found Wes and Me in the crowd but we were about seven  or eight years old. Then I found Courtney, she was about the age she is now (15) The more I looked at the picture, the harder it was to recognize us.

The End

5-23-95 I had a bunch of dreams last night but the only  part I can remember is being at the southeast end of the high school. There were a lot of kids from my grade there and it was about 6:00 at night. I remember Melissa Kramer asking me to flex.

The End

5-26-95 I dreamt me and Eric already started making our Taiwan report as boring as possible. I remember something about Mr. Field. Then something about Smokey.


5-27-95 Last night I dreamt we met Susie at the one place. Then it was a gas station. We were on the 2nd floor. There was the machine that you stick the gas card in. We were buying gas but we were going to get it later. Wes went into an elevator because he had to go to the bathroom.  (There was like a toilet in the elevator) Then I was looking for a card for mom. …… The front porch was a little farther north on the house. There was an entry way to the basement there. I was talking to Courtney and I saw Wes come out of the basement with a huge chunk of coal. I asked what he was doing, he gave me a mean look. And I said, Oh you’re taking it out this way?