My Joy _9-15-14

When I first happened upon those placid orbs of blue

When I beheld your calm smile with wide corners of soft lips pushing out each side a dimple

I had a hunch but did not foresee the congruence of your warm spirit showing through

It seemed so difficult for us, but in the Lord’s timing, illuminating  your position was simple

A child of the light I found you across the miles waiting without a decision to rue

Astounded by the way our souls interlock and happiness is triple

My heart finds its long awaited rest in hope of forever with you

God’s plan unfolding in two created entities uniting to eternally exhibit His Glory as a symbol



Falling Falling

Falling falling

White lacy parachute for her

Black & white parachute for him

Again & again

Closer & closer the ground

I am closer than you

My own mind a tangle to my ripcord

The ground’s great exile my reward



My Firefly – June 9, 2009

Somehow you elicit a tickle
From somewhere inside
When thoughts of you trickle
From this feeling I can’t hide

Your green eyes sparkle in the night
Even when there’s no moon
Their trust sends me into flight
Their beauty makes me immune

You’re as pretty as a Ugandan flower
Your laugh echoes in my mind like a dragonfly
I long for your voice & touch every hour
Your ambiance glows like a firefly

No Sense 2-22-96

That doesn’t make any sense
What it is is that
It isn’t this or it
It reminds me of entering the super market
The toy machines waiting for quarters
Going to visit Niagra Falls
Molasses oozes from the feeling of speed
Did you ever get that feeling
When you are going 90 miles an hour
In a Kayak and your tails fall off
This logically concludes that
It takes 35 waffles to carpet a greenhouse
This is because peanut butter doesn’t have cartilage
Also you need to know that the reason for circumpolar
Constellations is because of the absence of sleeves on a vest
Brandon talked about the wolves attacking sheep
While Travis talked about pepperoni pizza
Barret talked about a shipment of pizza from Yugoslavia
Mike is quiet and that doesn’t make sense

Quit making that face Ms. Skwarek it’s not supposed to make sense.

Free Verse Poem February 22, 1996
10th grade English class

Charles’ World

“There are so many more cars on the road,” Grandpa had said
His words like pearls cast before swine
For the world we knew was normal and we looked not ahead
Until we had our own children we didn’t see the incline
First it was the major cities where autos were said to be dead
Then even desolate highways where walking was faster & more streamline

“There are so many more people in the street,” our great great grand kids had said
Their words suffocated by people who moved like bovine
For the people of their time knew no thinner population of biped
And soon even the shoulder to shoulder every day was fine
Then came that fateful day, Charles’ world reached it’s height instead
All of civilization on the planet became gridlocked from shoreline to shoreline
Without any guidance, no master plan, evolution simply spread
Society found itself left hanging with no escape, no design

The End