I Wanna Tell You (refurbished blog from MySpace 10-4-07)

Here’s a song I wrote for a sinking ship but even though that ship rests at the bottom of the sea, the song is applicable to all like situations because it is written about my reticent tendancy in almost every promising situation.

I Wanna Tell You

by Josh Anderson ©2007

capo the 4th fret, finger pick (acoustic or no distortion)

verse 1

G, walk down to E

I wanna tell you – how you look tonight

Like a flower – bursting into bloom

But when you’re standing – right there

Words, they just seem to – run away


G, walk down to E

I wanna tell you how you – make me feel

Like a sunset after – a long hard day

But when we’re standin’ – face to face

Somethin’ like a glacier – freezes over my brain


E, A, C

But I know, we can make it – if you want to

And I know, we can work this – if you wait

And I can, show you your worth – if we try


G, walk down to E

There’s a treasure hidden – behind your eyes

I have the map to – search it out

If you give me – one more try

(That last verse is a little rough, I’m still working on it)



Orange Sliver

There’s an orange square on the wall

I feel like its my fault that’s all

I let it go even though it was moving at a crawl

I felt pain inside, ever so small

Want Her Back (T)

I’m trying too hard to be someone

Someone you wish you didn’t give up

And I’m neglecting to think about

Do I even want her back?

Mikey Brick (TJ)

Everyone knows Mikey Brick

He takes care of you when you’re sick

His hair is oh so slick

Girls turn to him when their boy’s a prick


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mikey Brick

Whhhhhhhy don’t you like Mikey Brick?

He’ll love you until you’re old

Please consider him before you fold

In every group of friends there’s a Mikey

Keep your eye out, he’s so unlikely

He treats girls rightly

Mikey’s there to help you more than slightly

Her Residual Radiance (KD)

Maybe I’m not good enough for her

Maybe she’s too young

Maybe I’m too ugly

Or it could be I’m just wimpy


Nothing stops that wave you emanate

Rippling through the air and shaking me

Your eyes stop mine in their tracks

Brightness of your countenance waves your hair modestly

I’m sitting behind a glass wall

Duct tape over my mouth

This beauty I see I must log away

Like a photograph at the bottom of my hourglass

To Sammy

This one goes out to Sammy

You know who you are

When you were in 5th grade

You thought cars were really cool

You knew what you liked and played

You were whatever and nobody’s fool


Nobody ever says I wanna be a junkie!

God Invented the Smile

God invented the smile

To put it on your face and blow me away

I Rejected You (Audra)

You, had everything a guy could want, in a girl

I, looked you in the eye, and I rejected you

Now, it’s 6 years later and still I’m alone

Now your married and I think back to you


It’s a new year

Time to make a resolution

Tears shed last year

Don’t matter this year

Seriously this time

Lets start a revolution

I Take it Back (T)

You came into my life

Flashing eyes like butterflies

The only way I could explain you here

Was say you were a figment of my mind

(And so I said) You are perfectly imagined (3 or 4x)

Reality came crashing down one day

You reached out your pretty little fingers

Grasped my still beating heart (and pulled it out)

(And so) I respectfully take it back

Kisses behind waterfalls

Candelight dinners on the monument

If this is hurting you

You gotta know its killing me

I gotta believe there’s some one out there for me

And she deserves everything

Dark Apartment (1800 Main)

There’s somethin’ dark, And it’s crawlin’ inside my head

So please don’t laugh when I say I’m afraid to go to bed

It all started one dark night-I was alone

I woke up not knowing where I was

I could not even pick up my telephone