Herb’s Life

A cat spends the first years of his life indoors being pampered, but when his owner rents the house out, he decides to leave Herb with his tenets. Unfortunately one of the new tenets is allergic to Herb and he becomes an outdoor cat. The following years Herb spends the coldest winters and the hottest summers out doors. He learns to hunt for himself and to fight. He becomes the toughest cat in the neighborhood able to survive just about anything.


Handicapped Ninja

A ninja is involved in a terrible accident in which he loses his legs. His recovery process is long a arduous but he determined to remain a ninja. He is equipped with a sport wheel chair and not only masters it but learns how to use it as a weapon.


A city’s police force becomes more and more corrupt, spending valuable assets on un-needed equipment, firearms, cars, etc. The corrupt police run the city like tyrants…until the good guys on the force have had enough. They break in to a police “boneyard” refurbish 70’s dodge chargers that have been decommisioned for over 30 years. Using old equipment and CB radios, they take over the city from the corrupt cops.

Finding Now


Ben wakes up one day  as himself, only it is his self  13 years ago.  everything seems normal to him as a 10 year old boy except the fact that he remembers  life up to the age of 23! He goes about life in his 10 year old body utterly confused until the next day when he again switched-this time to his 5 year old body.  He panicks not knowing what is happeneing to him or how to make it stop. On the 3rd day he awakes as his 15 year old self and finally begins to communicate with his family what is happing. No one believs him until he begins to predict the future. In the end he finally returns to his present self  only now he has more appreciation for the life he has lived.

The Savior of the Universe

Space explorers find life on planets in distant galaxies once time-leaping is achieved. Earth anthropologists and sociologists arrive in planets as aliens at first and then break down communication barriers. After years of study they begin to realize that all civilizations in one way or another believe without a doubt in a God. When open minded scientist & philosophers examine the facts they discover this God they believe is the very same Yeshua that Christians serve on Earth. They also discover a similar redemption story happening in each civilization.

The Others

Three kids are discovered in a remote wilderness area by some researchers. The kids seem completely normal kids until the researchers start talking to them and realize they know nothing of earth and cannot speak any human language. They suddenly realize they can communicate with the kids mentally and discover they have accidentally ended up on earth from another world. It turns out their world is actually located deep within our own world on a planet whose universal boundaries are but an atom in our world.

The Suicide Friends


Coming  from a small quiet town Aaron’s life and paradigm are changed when he moves to the city.  He quickly makes more friends than he’s ever had but these friends are shallow and he never finds any really close friends. One day he stumbles on a situation where a girl, Emma is trying to commit suicide. He offers his friendship and the Gospel in exchange for the suicide attempt which in turn leads her to happy and hopeful outlook. Later she is put in the same situation with her friend Sara who tries to overdose on pills. Emma and Aaron see that maybe this is their calling and begin to look for suicidal people. After finding and helping four more people, Emma and Sara begin to realize that the people they helped, having a suicide attempt a commonality, are their very closest friends. Aaron begins to lose common ground with them all and eventually moves back to his small town. He discovers he cannot seem to develop close friendships and attempts to jump off a bridge. Then in the distance he sees Katelyn, someone he left because she was too “small town” and realizes how stupid he was to leave her.

The Advanced Bio-Machines

The story opens with the daily life of a people we at first think are regular human being. A way into the  story we start to realize they are a race of druids that are almost mirror images of human beings and we realize that this is earth and there are no humans on it. The story shifts to a team of archaeolgists who at first finally discover their beginning which opens a window to pre-droid earth. They start to peace together the human story and discover that these “druids before commen era” were built far superior to them, to the point where they try to understand the creator of these druids and come with a theory. Later they uncover the Holy Bible and find that their hypothesis fits almost to the T.

The Hopeful Delusion

A guy whose hearing fails goes into the hospital to get a cochlear implant. Not long after he starts to realize the implant is picking up radio transmissions. Listening closely and taking notes on what he can hear, he deciphers it secret CIA communications. He starts find out important secrets about UFO’s, aliens and other top secret government projects. In the end he finally finds out he was tapping into either a UFO fanatic’s conversations or maybe even a paranormal radio station.